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April 30   - Day 120
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    David, King of Judah and Israel
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Like the Army of God

2 Samuel 5 (25vs)
    * Tribes of Israel made David their King in Hebron.
    * Hiram; David's wives and children; war with the Philistines
1 Chronicles 11 (47vs)
    * All Israel made David their King in Hebron.
    * Joab defeated but didn't destroy the Jebusites in Jerusalem and became captain of the army.
    * 11:10-47 lists David's mighty men
1 Chronicles 14 (17vs)
    * Hiram sent gifts; David's wives had children; Philistine war continued
Psalm 21 (13vs)
    * "The king rejoices in your strength, Yahweh! How greatly he rejoices in your salvation!"

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