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April 16   - Day 106
* Scripture: 1Samuel 15-16; Psalms 33, 92
* Introduction to the book of 1Samuel
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* Study Index: 1 Samuel
King Saul and David
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Who Is This David of Bethlehem?

Scripture: (95vs)
1 Samuel 15 (35vs)
* Commanded to destroy the Amalek, Saul improvised and sinned at Gilgal
1 Samuel 16 (23vs)
* How Samuel met Jesse's son, David, and anointed him. Troubled Saul liked David's songs on the harp.

Harp Psalms, like ones David composed growing up More
Psalm 33 (22vs)
* "...Give thanks to Yahweh with the lyre. Sing praises to him with the harp of ten strings."
Psalm 92 (15vs)
* "It is a good thing to give thanks to Yahweh, to sing praises to your name, Most High; to proclaim your loving kindness in the morning, and your faithfulness every night, with the ten-stringed lute, with the harp, and with the melody of the lyre."

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