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The One-Year Parallel Chronological Study Bible
(NKJV with [corrections])
The entire New King James Translation in 365 studies arranged in the order of the events, with parallel reports displayed and compared side by side

Compiled & edited by Frank DeRemer, Ph.D. Programming Linguistics, generally following the organization of the NIV/NLT One-Year Chronological Bible 2000 Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., modified according to The Chronology of the Old Testament: A Return to the Basics 2005, 16th Edition, by Floyd Nolen Jones, ThD.,Ph.D. and as the text required.

The gospels follow the Red Letter Harmony of the Four Gospels 2004, also by Dr. Floyd Nolen JONES

NOTES: The links below, including's Title Page for the Chronological Bible are in PDF format (requiring Adobe Reader) so the files can be enlarged to make reading easier. Books or parts of books are in chronological order. For example, the Book of Isaiah includes the writings of minor prophet Micah. The Book of Jeremiah includes the minor prophets Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Daniel 1-3. The Book of Ezekiel includes the Lamentations and minor prophets Obadiah, Psalm 137, Daniel 4-9. The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah include the minor prophets Daniel 10-12, Haggai, Zechariah, Esther, Malachi, and Joel.     DISCLAIMER

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NKJV One-Year Parallel Chronological Bible
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