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Kings of Judah and Israel
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Prophet Samuel Prophet Samuel Prophet Nathan

LIST: KINGS of JUDAH (land of the tribe of Judah plus portions of Benjamin, Dan, Simeon, and Levi; capital Jerusalem)

Rehoboam | Abijah | Asa | Jehoshaphat |
Jehoram (Judah) |
Ahaziah (Judah) murdered by Jehu |
Queen Athaliah (Ahaziah's mother) |
Joash (raised by priest Jehoiada) | Amaziah |
Uzziah (aka Azariah) | Jotham | Ahaz |
Hezekiah | Manasseh | Amon | Josiah |
Jehoahaz (aka Shallum 2 Ki 22:11; son of Josiah) |
Jehoiakim (aka Eliakim; son of Josiah) |
Jehoiachin (son of Jehoiakim) |
Zedekiah (aka Mattaniah; son of Josiah)

ZEDEKIAH was Judah's last king, 599 to 588 B.C. Youngest son of JOSIAH and Hamutal (Jeremiah 1:3; Jeremiah 37:1), brother to JEHOAHAZ (2 Kings 24:17-18; 2 Kings 23:31). Ten years old when his father died, 21 when he mounted the throne. Originally named Mattaniah; Nebuchadnezzar changed his name to Zedekiah when he deposed Zedekiah's nephew JEHOIACHIN. This proves that Nebuchadnezzar treated his vassal kindly, allowing him to choose a new name (Zedekiah is Hebrew, "righteousness of Jehovah") and confirming it as a mark of his supremacy; this name was to be the pledge of his righteously keeping his covenant with Nebuchadnezzar who made him swear by God (Ezekiel 17:12-16; 2 Chronicles 36:13). [more at Fausset's Bible Dictionary]

LIST: KINGS of ISRAEL (land of other 10 tribes)

Nebat's son Jeroboam | Nadab | Baasha | Elah | Zimri |
Omri | Ahab | Ahaziah (Israel) | Jehoram (Joram) (Israel)
murdered by Jehu | Jehu | Jehoahaz | Jehoash | Jeroboam II |
Zechariah (6mo) | Shallum (1mo) | Menahem (10yr) |
Pekahiah | Pekah son of Remaliah | Hoshea |
deportation of northern kingdom by Assyria

Hoshea was the 19th and last king of Israel -

Chart of Kings of Judah and Israel

with Major and Minor Prophets Timelines

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KINGS of JudahNotes KingsChroniclesKINGS of Israel
split ca 922 BC *
Son of Solomon reigns
prophet: Ahijah the Shilonite
1 Ki 14:21
2 Chr 10-12
The 12 tribes split ca 922 BC *
Jeroboam 10-2 (ca 789748 BC *
1Ki 12
2Ch 10
1 Ki 15

    -in his 18th yr

Asa reigned 41 yrs
    - in Asa's 2nd yr
    - in Asa's 3rd yr
    - in Asa's 26th yr
    - in Asa's 27th yr
    - Asa's 27-31 yr
    - in Asa's 31st yr
    - in Asa's 38th yr
1 Ki 15:9

    -in his 20th yr
Nadab (2 yrs)
Baasha (24 yrs)
Elah (2 yrs)
Zimri (1 wk)
Tibni/Omri (3yrs)
Omri (12 yrs)
Ahab (22 yrs)
1 Ki 15:9
1 Ki 15:25
1 Ki 15:28
1 Ki 16:8
1 Ki 16:10-15
1 Ki 16:21
1 Ki 16:23
1 Ki 16:29

Jehoshaphat reigned 25 yrs;
    -in Jehoshaphat's 17th yr
    -in Jehoshaphat's 18th yr
Prophet in JudahHanani
1 Ki 22:41

    -in Ahab's 4th yr
Ahaziah (2 yrs)
Jehoram/Joram (12yrs)
Prophets in IsraelElijah | Elisha
1 Ki 22:41
1 Ki 22:51
2 Ki 3:1

Jehoram reigned 8 yrs
2 Ki 8:16-18

2 Chr 21:1,
   -in Jehoram's 5th yr
Prophet in IsraelElisha

Ahaziahmurdered by Jehu in Israel
1 yr old male heir, hidden
2 Ki 8:25

2 Chr 22:1
   -in Jehoram's 12th yr
Jehu (28yrs)

2 Ki 9:3, 10:36

Athaliah Ahaziah's mother reigned 6 yrs
2 Ki 11:1
2 Chr 22:12
    -in Jehu's 1st? yr

Joash/Jehoashraised by priest Jehoiada
    -in Joash's 23rd yr
    -in Joash's 37th yr
reigned 40 yrs
2 Ki 11:21
2 Chr 24:1
    -in Jehu's 7th yr
Jehoahaz (17 yrs)
Jehoash (16 yrs)
2 Ki 12:1
2 Ki 13:1
2 Ki 13:10

Amaziah reigned 28 yrs
    -in Amaziah's 15th yr
2 Ki 14
2 Ki 14:23
2 Chr 25:1
    -in Joash's 2nd yr
Jeroboam II (41 yrs)
2 Ki 14:17
2 Ki 14:23

  2 Kings 12:21   |   2 Kings 13:12   |   2 Chronicles 25  

Prophets of Israel during Jeroboam II's reign Amos | Hosea | Jonah
Dating when the prophets spoke varies with different sources. These dates are approximate.
Prophet OBADIAH: (from Judah about Edom) The 4 destructions of Jerusalem occured during the (Judah) reigns of Rehoboam, and Jehoram, and Amaziah, and the Nebuchadnezzar destruction in BC 586. "The problem of the date of Obadiah has not been solved to the satisfaction of Biblical students. Our choice must be between a very early date (circa 845) and a date shortly after 587, with the scales almost evenly balanced." (ISBE 3-5) Obadiah 1:10-14 was quoted in (ie, came before) Jeremiah 49, and Obadiah 1:17 was quoted in Joel 2:32

Prophet JONAH (in Ninevah, Assyria) Jonah "flourished in or before the reign of Jeroboam II, about B.C. 820 (Israel). Having already, as it seems, prophesied to Israel, he was sent to Nineveh." Smith's Bible Dictionary

Prophet JOEL (in Judah) "Joel is perhaps the very earliest or the very last or among the last of the writing prophets. This diversity of opinion is due to the fact that there are no direct indications of date in the book itself..." ISBE - "He probably flourished in the reign of Uzziah (about B.C. 800) (Judah), and was contemporary with Amos and Isaiah." Easton, Smith

Prophet HOSEA (in Israel) "the prophetic career, of Hosea extended from B.C. 784 to 723, a period of fifty-nine years. The prophecies of Hosea were delivered in the kingdom of Israel" when Jeroboam II was king. (Smith's Bible Dictionary) Hosea was in Israel while Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz, and Hezekiah ruled Judah.

Prophet AMOS (in Judah, to Israel) Amos spoke ca 760 BC while Uzziah's and Jeroboam II's reigns overlaped. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Prophet ISAIAH (in Judah) "Isaiah must have begun his career a few years before Uzziah's death, probably B.C. 762. He lived till the fourteenth year of Hezekiah, and in all likelihood outlived that monarch (who died B.C. 698), and may have been contemporary for some years with Manasseh. Thus Isaiah may have prophesied for the long period of at least sixty-four years." Easton's Bible Dictionary

(aka Azariah)

reigned 52 yrs
    -in Azariah's 38th yr
    -in Azariah's 38th yr
    -in Azariah's 39th yr
    -in Azariah's 50th yr

Isaiah, Joel
    -in Azariah's 52nd yr

2 Ki 14:21
2 Ki 15:8

2 Chr 26:3
Jeroboam II (cont)
    -in his 27th of 41 yrs
Zechariah (6mo)
Shallum (1mo)
Menahem (10 yrs)
Pekahiah (2 yrs)

Pekah son of Remaliah (20 yrs)

2 Ki 15:1
2 Ki 15:8
2 Ki 15:13
2 Ki 15:17
2 Ki 15:23

2 Ki 15:27

Prophet MICAH (in Judah) prophecied "during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, giving thus a maximum limit of 59 years, B.C. 756-697, from the accession of Jotham to the death of Hezekiah, and a minimum limit of 16 years, B.C. 742-726, from the death of Jotham to the accession of Hezekiah. He was contemporary with Hosea and Amos during the part of their ministry in Israel, and with Isaiah in Judah." Smith's Bible Dictionary

Prophet NAHUM (about Assyria), the prophet of Nineveh's doom, prophecied ca 610 and 607 BC. International Standard Bible Dictionary

Jotham reigned 16 yrs

Isaiah | Micah
2 Ki 15:32
2 Chr 27:1
    -in Pekah's 2nd yr
2 Ki 15:32

Ahaz reigned 16 yrs

Isaiah | Micah | Nahum
    -in Ahaz' 12th yr
2 Ki 16:1
2 Chr 28:1
    -in Pekah's 17th yr

Hoshea (9yrs)

2 Ki 17:1

Hezekiah reigned 29 yrs

Isaiah | Micah | Nahum
2 Ki 18:1
2 Ki 19:2
2 Ch 29:1
    -in Hoshea's 3rd yr
 -in his 7th yr: Assyria
    -in Hoshea's 9th yr:
To Assyrian captivity
2 Ki 18:1
2 Ki 18:9
2Ki 17:6, 18:11

Manasseh reigned 55 yrs
2 Ki 21:1
2 Ch 33:1

[MANASSEH was] The only son and successor of Hezekiah on the throne of Judah. He was twelve years old when he began to reign (2 Kings 21:1), and he reigned fifty-five years (B.C. 698-643). Though he reigned so long, yet comparatively little is known of this king. His reign was a continuation of that of Ahaz, both in religion and national polity. He early fell under the influence of the heathen court circle, and his reign was characterized by a sad relapse into idolatry with all its vices, showing that the reformation under his father had been to a large extent only superficial (Isaiah 7:10; 2Kings 21:10-15). A systematic and persistent attempt was made, and all too successfully, to banish the worship of Jehovah out of the land. Amid this wide-spread idolatry there were not wanting, however, faithful prophets (Isaiah, Micah) who lifted up their voice in reproof and in warning. But their fidelity only aroused bitter hatred, and a period of cruel persecution against all the friends of the old religion began.... [Easton's Bible Dictionary]
Amon reigned 2 yrs
2 Ki 21:19
2 Ch 33:21

[AMON] Son and successor of Manasseh in the throne of Judah ("skillful in his art", Hebrew). Possibly the name was given by Manasseh, when an idolater, from the Egyptian god. He reigned from 642 B.C. to 640 (2 Kings 21:19; 2 Chronicles 33:20). His own servants conspired and slew him in his own house, and in their turn were slain by the people, who raised his son Josiah to the throne. [Fausset's Bible Dictionary]
See warning chart
Found lost Bible
reigned 31 yrs
    - Passover in 18th yr
Jeremiah | Habakkuk | Zephaniah
2 Ki 22:3

also see August:
2 Ch 34:1

2 Ch 35:21-

[JOSIAH] "Healed by Jehovah", or "Jehovah will support". The son of Amon, and his successor on the throne of Judah (2 Kings 22:1; 2Chr. 34:1). His history is contained in 2 Kings 22 and 23. He stands foremost among all the kings of the line of David for unswerving loyalty to Jehovah (23:25). [Easton's Bible Dictionary] Hilkiah the priest found the book of the law of Yahweh given by Moses during Josiah's reign.
  2 Kings 23:29-35 | 2 Chronicles 36:4 | Jeremiah 46:2  
    ( Shallum)
(younger son of Josiah)
reigned 3mos
2 Kings 23:30
2 Ch 36:2

[JEHOAHAZ] Son of Josiah; at his father's death the people took and made him king, 610 B.C., in preference to his two elder brothers, Johanan and Jehoiakim (1 Chronicles 3:15; Jeremiah 22:11; 2 Kings 23:30-31; 2 Kings 23:36; 2 Chronicles 36:2). [Fausset's Bible Dictionary]
(son of Josiah)
reigned 11 yrs

Jeremiah | Daniel
2 Kings 23:34
2 Ch 36:5

ELIAKIM's route to the throne: On the death of Eliakim's father, JOSIAH, his younger brother JEHOAHAZ (aka SHALLUM, per Jeremiah 22:11) had been made king by the people since he favoured the Chaldeans not the Egyptians. But Egyptian king Pharaoh-necho invaded Judah and deposed Jehoahaz (2 Kings 23:33,34; Jeremiah 22:10-12), setting ELIAKIM on the throne instead, and changing his name to JEHOIAKIM. [from Easton's Bible Dictionary]
(son of Jehoiakim)(or of Josiah)
reigned 3mos (ancestor of Mary's husband Joseph)

Jeremiah | Ezekiel
2 Kings 24:6
2 Ch 36:9

JECONIAH or JEHOIACHIN. Son of Jehoiakim, last but one of Judah's kings. Shortened, by omitting JAH, into CONIAH (Jeremiah 27:20; Jeremiah 22:24). It was virtually Jehovah's declaration of ceasing all connection with him (Hosea 9:12). [Fausset's Bible Dictionary] Matthew 1:11 says Jeconiah was the son of Josiah.
(son of Josiah and Hamutal)
reigned 11 yrs

2 Kings 24:17
2 Ch 36:11

[ZEDEKIAH was] Judah's last king, 599 to 588 B.C. Youngest son of JOSIAH and Hamutal (Jeremiah 1:3; Jeremiah 37:1), brother to JEHOAHAZ (2 Kings 24:17-18; 2 Kings 23:31). Ten years old when his father died, 21 when he mounted the throne. Originally named Mattaniah; Nebuchadnezzar changed his name to Zedekiah when he deposed Zedekiah's nephew JEHOIACHIN. This proves that Nebuchadnezzar treated his vassal kindly, allowing him to choose a new name (Zedekiah is Hebrew, "righteousness of Jehovah") and confirming it as a mark of his supremacy; this name was to be the pledge of his righteously keeping his covenant with Nebuchadnezzar who made him swear by God (Ezekiel 17:12-16; 2 Chronicles 36:13). [more at Fausset's Bible Dictionary]

Charting Timelines of Kings and Prophets

More on early Kings of Judah, Solomon - Asa     (List above)
NameFatherMotherReignedEvents, Tragedies
Rehoboam Solomon Naamah,
an Ammonite
17 years
age 41-58
* moved further away from following the LORD
* 5th year: Shishak of Egypt looted temple and palace - Jerusalem
* made bronze shields to replace gold ones - used for protection when going to temple
* continual war with Jeroboam
Abijah Rehoboam Maacah
dau of Abishalom
3 years
from Jeroboam's
18th-21st years
* his heart was not fully given to the LORD
* the LORD honored Abijah's g-g-grandfather David by giving Abijah a son and making Jerusalem strong.
* War continued with Jeroboam during his 3 year reign
Asa Abijahunknown41 years
Began during the 20th year of Jeroboam's reign
* Did right in the LORD's eyes
* eliminated idols, male shrine prostitutes
* deposed his grandmother and her Asheriah pole
* fought Baasha king of Israel
* paid Ben-Hadad of Aram in Damascus to break treaty with Baasha
* Baasha retreated leaving building supplies which Asa used

KINGS of ISRAEL (land of other 10 tribes)     (List above)

Kings of Israel, following Solomon
NameFatherMotherReignedEvents, Tragedies
2 years
from Asa's 2nd year
(Asa, king of Judah)
* evil doer just as his father was
* made other gods to trust and worship
* provoked the LORD to anger
* thrust the LORD behind his back
house of Issachar

24 years in Tirzah
killed Nadab for throne
in Asa's 3rd to 26th year
* murdered all of Jeroboam's family
* war continued between Asa and Baasha
The word of the LORD came to the prophet Jehu, son of Hanani, to warn Baasha. For provoking the LORD to anger, leading His people Israel to sin, and becoming like the house of Jeroboam, the house of Baasha would be destroyed.
2 years in Tirzah
from Asa's 26th to 27th years
* sinned as his father did
* murdered by Zimri, one of his chariot commanders

7 days in Tirzah
in Asa's 27th year
* murdered Elah and all the rest of Baasha's family for their sins
* burned himself to death with the palace as Omri overtook Tirzah
4 years went by while supporters of Tibni and Omri fought for one to be king. Half of Israel supported Tibni as king, but finally army commander Omri's forces killed Tibni

12 years (6 in Tirzah, 6 in Samaria)
from Asa's 31st year
(to 43rd year)
* bought the hill of Samaria and built city of Samaria
* sinned more than previous kings
22 years in Samaria
from Asa's 38th year
(Asa reigned 41 years)
* exceeded sins of previous kings
* married Jezebel, daughter of king of the Sidonians
* Ahab and Jezebel served and worshiped Baal
* Ahab had Jericho rebuilt despite Joshua's curse (Jos 6:26)
The word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite to warn Ahab of a severe drought coming.

      Thompson Chain Reference
KINGS of Israel KINGS of Judah
    1. Jeroboam (1)
        1 Kings 11:28
    2. Nadab
        1 Kings 14:20
    3. Baasha
        1 Kings 15:16
    4. Elah
        1 Kings 16:8
    5. Zimri
        1 Kings 16:15
    6. Omri
        1 Kings 16:16
    7. Ahab
        1 Kings 16:29
    8. Ahaziah (b)
        1 Kings 22:40
    9. Jehoram (b), or Joram
        2 Kings 1:17
    10. Jehu
        1 Kings 19:16
    11. Jehoahaz (a)
        2 Kings 10:35
    12. Jehoash (b)
        2 Kings 13:10
    13. Jeroboam (2)
        2 Kings 14:23
    14. Zachariah
        2 Kings 14:29
    15. Shallum (a)
        2 Kings 15:10
    16. Menahem
        2 Kings 15:14
    17. Pekahiah
        2 Kings 15:23
    18. Pekah
        2 Kings 15:25
    19. Hoshea
        2 Kings 15:30 
    1. Rehoboam
        1 Kings 11:43
    2. Abijam, or Abijah
        1 Kings 14:31
    3. Asa
        1 Kings 15:8
    4. Jehoshaphat
        1 Kings 15:24
    5. Jehoram (a)
        2 Chronicles 21:1
    6. Ahaziah (a)
        2 Kings 8:25
    7. Athaliah (Queen)
        2 Kings 8:26
    8. Joash, or Jehoash (a)
        2 Kings 11:2
    9. Amaziah
        2 Kings 14:1
    10. Uzziah, or Azariah
        2 Kings 14:21
    11. Jotham
        2 Kings 15:5
    12. Ahaz
        2 Kings 15:38
    13. Hezekiah
        2 Kings 16:20
    14. Manasseh
        2 Kings 21:1
    15. Amon
        2 Kings 21:19
    16. Josiah
        1 Kings 13:2
    17. Jehoahaz (c), or Shallum
        2 Kings 23:30
    18. Jehoiakim
        2 Kings 23:34
    19. Jehoiachin, or Jeconiah
        2 Kings 24:6
    20. Zedekiah, or Mattaniah
        2 Kings 24:17


        Luke 22:28
        Luke 22:29
        Romans 5:17
        1 Corinthians 4:8
        2 Timothy 2:12
    Spiritual Cleansing
        Revelation 1:5
        Revelation 1:6
        Revelation 2:27
    Victory over Satan
        Revelation 20:4
        Revelation 22:5
    SEE Spiritual; Crowns
    SEE Eternal; Glory
    SEE Reward

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