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humble, humiliation
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Ezra 9:5 - self-abasement

ABASE [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

The English rendition of shaphel (Job 40:11; Ezekiel 21:26), and of its derivative shephal (Daniel 4:37) = "bring down," "debase," "humble";
of `anah (Isaiah 31:4) = "abase self," "afflict," "chasten self," "deal harshly with," etc.;
and of tapeinoo = "to depress";
figure "to humiliate" (in condition or heart): "abase," "bring low," "humble self" (Philippians 4:12).

The word is always employed to indicate what should be done to or by him who nurtures a spirit and exhibits a demeanor contrary to the laudable humility which is a natural fruit of religion. Such a person is warned that the most extravagant audacity will not daunt Yahweh nor abate His vengeance (Isaiah 31:4), and good men are exhorted to employ their powers to bring him low (Job 40:11; Ezekiel 21:26).

If men are not able to curb the arrogant, God is (Daniel 4:37); and He has so constituted the world, that sinful arrogance must fall (Matthew 23:12 the King James Version; Luke 14:11 the King James Version; Luke 18:14 the King James Version).

Frank E. Hirsch

ABASEMENT [Thompson Chain Reference]
Of the Proud Foretold
humble the proud: Job 40:12
silence the haughty, conceited secret slanders: Psalms 101:5
uproot the proud: Proverbs 15:25
pride brings us low: Proverbs 29:23
proud and haughty to be brought low: Isaiah 2:12,17
proud stumbles, falls, can't get up: Jeremiah 50:32
proud workers of wickedness burned up: Malachi 4:1
put down princes; exalt lowly: Luke 1:52
Examples of
Pharaoh: Exodus 15:4
Sennacherib: 2 Chronicles 32:21
Haman: Esther 7:9
Nebuchadnezzar: Daniel 4:33
Belshazzar: Daniel 5:28
Nineveh: Zephaniah 2:15