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Song of Solomon 5

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Christ awakes the church with his calling.


5:1 I have come into my garden, my sister, my bride.
I have gathered my myrrh with my spice;
I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey;
I have drunk my wine with my milk.

Eat, friends!
Drink, yes, drink abundantly, beloved.

The church having a taste of Christ's love, is sick of love.


5:2 I was asleep, but my heart was awake.
It is the voice of my beloved who knocks:

ďOpen to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled;
for my head is filled with dew,
and my hair with the dampness of the night.Ē

5:3 I have taken off my robe. Indeed, must I put it on?
I have washed my feet. Indeed, must I soil them?

5:4 My beloved thrust his hand in through the latch opening.
My heart pounded for him.

5:5 I rose up to open for my beloved.
My hands dripped with myrrh,
my fingers with liquid myrrh,
on the handles of the lock.

5:6 I opened to my beloved;
but my beloved left; and had gone away.
My heart went out when he spoke.
I looked for him, but I didnít find him.
I called him, but he didnít answer.

5:7 The watchmen who go about the city found me.
They beat me.
They bruised me.
The keepers of the walls took my cloak away from me.

5:8 I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem,
If you find my beloved,
that you tell him that I am faint with love.


A description of Christ by his graces.

5:9 How is your beloved better than another beloved,
you fairest among women?
How is your beloved better than another beloved,
that you do so adjure us?


5:10 My beloved is white and ruddy.
The best among ten thousand.

5:11 His head is like the purest gold.
His hair is bushy, black as a raven.

5:12 His eyes are like doves beside the water brooks,
washed with milk, mounted like jewels.

5:13 His cheeks are like a bed of spices with towers of perfumes.
His lips are like lilies, dropping liquid myrrh.

5:14 His hands are like rings of gold set with beryl.
His body is like ivory work overlaid with sapphires.

5:15 His legs are like pillars of marble set on sockets of fine gold.
His appearance is like Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.

5:16 His mouth is sweetness;
yes, he is altogether lovely.
This is my beloved, and this is my friend,
daughters of Jerusalem.

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