Christmas Advent Calendar
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In early December 1995, when I looked around the Internet to see how Christmas was being celebrated, I wasn't prepared to find only secular pages and cultural sites. This simple celebration of advent page was the result.

This Christmas season, there is more to explore here on the 'net, but it is still a great time to praise and remember our Lord Jesus Christ - no matter WHEN He was born - just because He did come to demonstrate God's love for each one of us.

The birth of Christ

- Joseph

- Mary

- Jewish prophecies

- eternal

Messiah Revealed

Advent Calendar: Celebrate Meeting Jesus

Read a message a day in December (or any time)
  1 - Mary, the mother of Jesus
  2 - Joseph, the carpenter father
  3 - Angels and shepherds
  4 - Simeon and Anna
  5 - Visiting dignitaries from the East
  6 - King Herod "the Great", King of the Jews
  7 - From the past: Abraham, Moses, King David
  8 - John the baptiser
  9 - John told Andrew
10 - Philip and Nathanael
11 - Nicodemus
12 - Levi, a tax collector
13 - Zacchaeus, from Jericho
14 - A Samaritan woman
15 - Herod Antipas
16 - Simon from Cyrene
17 - Criminals and Thieves
18 - Mary of Magdala
19 - Cleopas of Emmaus
20 - The Treasurer from Africa, an Ethiopian
21 - Saul, aka Paul
22 - Timothy, from Greece
23 - Pricilla and Aquila
24 - Apollos
25 - Jesus' gift to you, me, and others is that we can still meet Him

God bless you!
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